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Reversible Terminators for Primer Extension

Firebird has introduced the 3'-ONH2 reversible terminator as an alternative to the larger 3'-OCH2N3 groups and their problematic enzymology and cleavage.


How do they work?

The 3’-ONH2 group is accepted by a variety of polymerases. After incorporation, further primer extension is blocked. The 3'-ONH2 group is cleaved with buffered aqueous sodium nitrite to regenerate a standard 3'-OH.                   
















What are they used for?

3’-ONH2 reversible terminators can be used in DNA sequencing (Hutter et al., 2010), Oligonucleotide synthesis (Jensen and Davis, 2018, Sarac and Hollenstein, 2019) and SNP analysis (Chen et al., 2010).