NextGeneration DNATM

The molecular structure of natural DNA often frustrates efforts to apply it in the laboratory, in the clinic, and in synthetic biology.

  • A strong G:C pair and a weak A:T pair makes uniform primer binding difficult
  • Primers and probes often bind off target, creating artifacts
  • Primers and probes interact, making multiplexing difficult
  • Polymerases do not discriminated against single mismatches

Firebird offers alternative forms of DNA to solve these problems. Let our Molecular MagicTM solve your problems, in the laboratory, in multiplexing, in PCR, with Luminex® instruments, and in the clinic.

What is new?

  • The Army Research Office has announced a Phase I STTR project joining Firebird scientists to collaborators at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution to use AEGIS nucleotides in nanostructures.
  • DARPA has announced the funding of a project to develop strains of E. coli that use six-letter DNA.
  • Firebird scientists are providing SAMRS oligos to support point-of-care diagnostics products.

About us

Firebird delivers reagent innovations to the research, synthetic biology, and clinical diagnostics communities.

Our Products

  • For low background and high signal: Artificially Expanded Genetic Information Systems (AEGIS)
  • For unlimited multiplexing: Self-Avoiding Molecular Recognition Systems (SAMRS)
  • To detect single nucleotide changes: Aminoxy Triphosphates (Reversible Terminators)
  • To self assemble primers: SNAP2
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